Woman shot dead at wedding for refusing to marry her cousin


A woman was shot dead at a wedding for refusing to marry her cousin.

The father of the 21-year-old, who has been identified only as Shilan, posted an image to his Facebook page of his daughter lying in a pool of blood and demanded justice.

In a post, he wrote that his daughter died ‘as a victim of a treacherous trail and tradition.’

‘It is with the deepest sense of loss and pain that I announced the loss of my daughter,’ said Ghazi H., 50.

Ghazi said that his two brothers, identified as Numan H and Hassan H tried to force a union between Shilan and her cousin Sefin, but she had refused.

Ghazi said he had left his brother looking after his family while he worked on a project in Iraq.

He said that his brother arranged the marriage behind his back.

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