The Craziest Cannibal Attacks Ever

While cannibalism is sometimes accepted and practiced in a variety of indigenous tribes throughout the world, the majority of the civilization we now live in have condemned the action and look down upon those who practice. In fact, it has been criminalized in almost every country in the world these days. Cannibalism is positively disgusting, and we cannot believe people would actually enjoy consuming the flesh of another human being. Despite our feelings on the matter, people continue to do it. Here are ten instances of the craziest cannibal attacks ever.

Mother Eats Newborn Baby


Li Zhgenghua, 24, was witnessed chewing on her newborn child’s arm only minutes after she had given birth to the baby boy. A nurse walked into the room and found her teeth locked around the child’s wrist. Hospital staff pried her mouth open and rescued the boy, who suffered bruising and bleeding.

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