Myths About Dinosaurs That Aren’t Actually True

The world of dinosaurs was so long ago that many people don’t think too much about the information they’re given about dinosaurs and just accept it as truth. Dinosaurs are viewed as really cool animals that roamed the Earth a long time ago, and the things that people know about them are pretty obscure, and oftentimes the information that’s relayed is limited to what is shown on television or in movies. However, what dinosaurs are depicted as in Jurassic Park isn’t necessarily the truth. This list is a compilation of ten different myths about dinosaurs that many people believe, but aren’t actually true.

Dinosaurs Were Warm Or Cold-Blooded


Animals today are either cold or warm-blooded, which leaves most people to assume that dinosaurs were either one or the other. Scientists have actually found proof that dinosaurs didn’t have either form of blood temperature, and that instead their blood changed over time with the dinosaur’s metabolism.

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