High-Paying Flexible Jobs

Nowadays, people tend to care more about telecommuting. Job seekers are interested in jobs that can allow them to stay at their home and make money. In some countries, telecommuting is more common. However, the key is to find the high-paying jobs that allow telecommuting.

Today we are going to check the top 15 high-paying flexible jobs. In order to find the jobs that provide the greatest flexibility without sacrificing salary, compensation comparison site Payscale took a look at job titles that had responded to the question, “Are you able to telecommute/work from home?” The each job was scored according to the ease with which respondents reported being able to telecommute. The jobs that make this list ranked highly in terms of telecommuting and annual salary.

The compensation and salaries listed in this ranking are a combination of base annual salary or hourly pay, bonuses, profit sharing, tips or commission, and any other forms of cash compensation.


Senior Program Manager, IT

Median pay: $126,000
Percent of telecommuters: 51%

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