Great Ideas To Make Fruit Exciting

We’re supposed to eat our fruit everyday, but sometimes those apples and oranges on the counter are just too boring for us. Packages of berries are shoved deep into the fridge with leftovers and beer. Our intent is to be healthy, but a lot of the times we’ll forget about what we buy until we find that it went bad. To make fruit more interesting, there are all kinds of unique ideas to make it a bit more appealing. For that upcoming party or if you’re bored and want to impress your family, here are some cool things you can do to make fruit fun to eat. Whoever said playing with your food was bad?

Banana Penguins


This one will really impress the kids. Chop the ends off of a peeled banana and dip the other end and one side into a chocolate mix that will harden. Before letting the chocolate harden, put jellybeans or similar candy in the front for the beak and feet. Then, you can create the eyes with small marshmallows or whip cream and dot them with a chocolate chip.

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