Facts You Didn’t Know About Swearing

If you think long and hard, you’ll probably be able to remember one person in your life who doesn’t swear. But the fact is, everyone swears, and not only that, but swearing occurs fairly often. We’ve all got our favorite swear words for when we’re driving, fighting, working or just plain irritated. Most of people don’t even think about swearing as it is seemingly second nature to them. There’s many reasons why it happens this way and most of them are fairly fascinating. You can read the weirdest facts about swearing you sure didn’t know in our list below.

It’s Pain Relief


Several studies have shown that people tolerate pain a lot better when being able to swear. Some of them even prove that people who swear while in pain can push through the pain almost 30% longer the time than people who don’t. Maybe that’s the reason why women in labor are always screaming swearwords at their husbands.

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