Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity To Other Celebrities

Losing virginity is one of those things all humans do, but we all have different experiences. Usually, these experiences are, well, bad. It’s exciting, but it’s weird and you have no idea what you or that other person are doing. In short, it’s far from being glamorous and spectacular, unless you are a celebrity, of course! There are some celebs who lost their virginity to mere mortals and they basically never talk about it, but there are some celebrities who lost their virginity to other celebs! Can you imagine that? It’s almost like a closed circle of being famous. We bet you never expected to see these 10 celeb on this list, so let’s get started!


Aaliyah lost her virginity to R. Kelly when she was only 15 years old. R. Kelly was 28 at the time, and in case you forgot, these two were even married for a while. The late singer lied about her age on the marriage license, as her age was listed as 18. Their marriage didn’t last long, though- they got divorced after seven months, and the marriage was annulled by her parents in February 1995. Ever since, R. Kelly hasn’t stopped creeping people out.

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